JAX MARLIN - To Catch A Marlin (Kindle)
Released January 2017

Released July 2017

What wouldn't you do to catch a criminal?

At the end of the 24th Century, Special Inspector Michael Pedroni pursues Jax Marlin, a beautiful and elusive vigilante. It’s a wild cat and mouse chase that will take him from Earth to the Bacchus Dome and beyond.

Jax Marlin is not your average criminal. She seeks out evil-doers and law-breakers, doling out justice in whatever way she sees fit. But lately, she finds she’s been gift-wrapping criminals specially for her favorite copper.

Four of the world’s leading criminals are lining up to form an alliance. Jax is determined to stop them. Hot on her heels, Inspector Pedroni finds himself questioning the difference, if any, between her justice and his. More than that, he wonders why, when he’d had her in his grasp, he was unable to slap on the restraints and bring her in.

When destiny calls, it can take 300 years... 

The world loathes Josie Bettencourt’s kind—pod-survivors from the past. When she awakens three hundred years later, she discovers what falling into hell is like. Stalked by uncertainty and death, her new life pitches from one extreme to the next. She is soon arrested and taken straight to the Citadel, the heart of the Lancaster regime where they have ruled tyrannically for over half a century.

Now young John Lancaster is in power, hoping to make a change, to erase the wars, oppression and unimaginable terror. When Josie meets the frighteningly powerful John, she wonders if he really is the so-called tyrants’ spawn?

But like a plague from the past, her presence in the future draws dangerous forces together. Josie soon discovers who the true tyrants are by unraveling a terrifying plot to take over the world. And she realises that her life in this new future are indelibly linked to the one she left behind.