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March 2013 (RELEASED)
Published by Ring of Fire Publishing).

A Jax Marlin Novella - #2
Purged in Fire:
Be Careful What You Wish For...

When every wish you desire is granted by the benevolent AI, be careful to ask for only what you can handle. The vigilante, Jax Marlin, find herself back in the abysmal depths of space on a pleasure dome sinfully named the Ring of Fire. Hot on her heels, the copper, the dogged Special Inspector Michael Pedroni.

Jax’s desire is to stop a cold sadist in his tracks, doling out the kind of punishment he gives his victims. And Pedroni’s wish? To be able to capture the elusive Marlin—but he would settle for a kiss.

March 2013 (RELEASED)
Published by Ring of Fire Publishing).

A Jax Marlin Novella - #3
The Marlin Strikes Again:
You Get What You Deserve...

Beneath the shiny exterior of a quaint university town, danger and sordid deeds lurk. The vigilante, Jax Marlin, sets her sights on a pedophile and gives him all that he deserves. His deeds so filthy, for once, Jax is glad her Special Inspector is not around to lay witness. Some things are better handled privately.

March 2013 (RELEASED)
Published by Ring of Fire Publishing).

A Jax Marlin Novella - #4
The Necromancer of the Avon:
Can You Kill A Ghost?

On board the Avon, a derelict battlecruiser, lurks a hideous danger—a phantom menace that revels in the gore of death. Special Inspector Michael Pedroni is once again taken into the depth of space to solve the mystery of a gruesome massacre. The vigilante, Jax Marlin, is also on board—to capture her prey, the Necromancer Killer.

Vigilante and Inspector lay differences aside to aid each other, but while death for punishment is on Jax’s mind, Pedroni has other ideas. Can Pedroni allow her to kill the killer? Will Jax show mercy and stay her hand? And can they both come to terms with that stolen kiss in the darkened shadows of a crawlspace?

October 2012 (RELEASED)
Published by Ring of Fire Publishing).

The full length feature presentation with Jax Marlin and Inspector Pedroni from the short, Purged in Fire
To Catch A Marlin:
What wouldn't you do to catch a criminal?
In the tail end of the 24th Century, Special Inspector Michael Pedroni pursues a beautiful and elusive vigilante, Jax Marlin, in a wild cat and mouse chase that will take him from Earth to the Bacchus Dome and beyond.

Jax Marlin is not your average criminal; she seeks out evil-doers and law-breakers, doling out justice in whatever way she sees fit. But lately, she finds she's been gift-wrapping criminals specially for her favorite copper.

Four of the world's leading criminals are determined to form an alliance. Jax is determined to stop them. Hot on her heels, Inspector Pedroni finds himself questioning the difference, if any, between her justice and his. More than that, he wonders why, when he'd had her in his grasp, he was unable to slap on the restraints and bring her in.

Both want the same thing--to stop criminals. But the growing attraction each has toward the other becomes a dangerous hindrance.

July 2012 (RELEASED)
Along with seven other incredible writers, my short story, To Catch A Marlin - Purged in Fire, will be released this summer as part of an anthology collection.  (Scheduled for a 7/7/2012 release and published by Ring of Fire Publishing).

Don't worry, I'll give you plenty of heads up notices so you won't miss it.  Purged in Fire is a short little teaser to get you geared up for the full length.

To Catch A Marlin - Where there's a mouse, the cat will chase.  Jax Marlin is the vigilante sought after by Special Inspector Michael Pedroni, and as mice go, she's as exotic and as intriguing as they come.  In his eyes, she is a criminal and must be stopped.  To her, he is an unbending cop who represents a system gone lax.  It doesn't help that Pedroni is besotted with her, and Jax in turn adores her earnest little copper.  Both want the same thing - to stop crime in its wicked tracks.  But where Pedroni must follow the law, Jax will not let anything get in her way.  And both can't stop thinking of the other to the point of obsession.

A cat and mouse chase set in the 24th Century, where mobile phones are called relays, a dream holiday is on a pleasure station in space, and where love still rears its distracting little head just to befuddled everything.

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